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Electrician Certificates


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The PPC certificate is a relatively new document which, based on the existing legislation since 1 November 2011, has to be issued for each building. PPC Certificates or Responsible Installer Statement (PPC) is not a document of the Public Disclosure Department because it originates and is described by a Ministerial Decision (attached documents), so it is an official state document. Depending on the form and use of the building, they must be reissued every 1 to 14 years, as will be discussed below. The cases where they are necessary are for the issue of each new PPC's new power supply, for the reconnection of an old service, for the change of the name in which the account is issued, while PPC certificates are even needed for applications for increasing the power of the service.

The PPC certificate is under the responsibility of the electrician and specifically a qualified electrician, who will come to your place for an autopsy.


The new PPC certificate according to the new legislative framework that is in force since 1/11/2011 consists of:

 Authorized statement of licensed installer
 Delivery report for electrical installation
 Electrical installation control protocol against ELOT HD 384 or against ΚΕΗΕ
 Plans for grounding electrical installation and electrical panel

ontact Smart Electrics and Kourahanis Panagiotis for more details and for direct and affordable issue of PPC certificates.